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20 yrs and still going strong

This is a quick update on our 20 yr anniversary and celebration day held last weekend 29-30th August 2015

We had a total of 42  current members and past members attending for the Afternoons cake cutting and celebration dinner, 3 inaugural members were able to attend the AGM and the afternoon sessions by Noel Porter and Mike Alspatch with a brief history of the association by Charlotte Brown with plant history by Virginia McNaughton with inaugural members help, they were Lorraine Hoggard our first secretary/treasurer, Virginia McNaughton our first deputy chairperson and Bill Ellery plus myself Charlotte Brown and together we cut the gorgeous looking and delicious tasting Lavender & Chocolate Celebration Cake.  There was lots and lots of catching up to be done and everyone by all accounts enjoyed the day. Photos are going to be on here soon and on our association facebook page.