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Lavender Hill was purchased by Jason and Trisha Delamore in November 2015. They had seen the property a few years earlier and it had remained in their minds as a unique opportunity to develop a working lifestyle block, a unique tourism experience, bed and breakfast accommodation in Auckland and a great environment for their children.

The main house on the property is a 1970s Ian Burrows designed home. Jason and Trisha are very much looking forward to working on the house to create a stunning family home.

Over the next few years Jason and Trisha will look to build on the strong foundations of Lavender Hill. This will include an expansion of the lavender fields, adding some livestock to the farm for the of benefit of tourists, and for keeping the grass down.

They may also look to providing some glamping options for truly unique Auckland family accommodation. Stay updated through the website and social media to find out more news about what we think is one of the nicest places to stay in Auckland.

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