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Mountain Road Estate

About us

Mountain Road estate is a three acre block of land that is cared for organically and respectfully with love. We (Dan and Kylie) and our three young children feel blessed every day to be here, watching the plants grow, learning as each season passes, we feel truly lucky. We have spent the past five years planting and caring for our land and trees, all with the vision of offering quality, sustainable products to contribute to the world’s happiness.

We have 800 Lavender plants and four different varieties, we have a copper alembic still and we distill our lavender in small batches.. ensuring love is in each and every step.  We also grow truffle, white Sage, medicinal herbs and hazel nuts. 

Everything we make; we make it because we use it, because it adds value to our days and way of life. We feel like we are not unique in terms of what we want. We want happy and fun days- we feel like Mountain Road Estates products contribute to this universal objective and we feel great about that.

Mountain Road Estate is a place of creativity and innovation; if you book a garden tour with us you’ll get a chance to learn about the cycles we have developed to become sustainable. You’ll also learn about the machinery Dan has built to achieve quality results on a small scale and the fun we all have creating and changing on this small yet productive piece of land. It is fun and it is hard work; each member of the family has their role in keeping our little farm running well, even our deaf dog has the job of hunting our truffles. 


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