About the New Zealand Lavender Growers Association

The Association was formed in 1995 to promote production of lavender oil in New Zealand and to provide information to assist its members. Members are spread geographically from Kerikeri in the north to Balfour in the south.

​One of the main objectives is to promote the use of New Zealand oil as a high quality product. The Association, in conjunction with Dr. Noel Porter, formerly of Crop and Food, have been working together to establish quality standards for oil produced from various cultivars of lavender and lavandin.

An Association above all creates a defined group of people with a common interest. In our particular case, we extended this to ensure there was a sharing of these interests, experiences and the lessons that we learnt.

From the diversity of the background of its members the Association brings together many business skills for the benefit of all members.

Above all, the Association creates a base for standards for the oil industry. The Association has been working for some time with Dr. Noel Porter, formerly of Crop and Food Research, Lincoln, to develop a New Zealand standard for lavender oil.

The Association holds workshop / conferences every alternate year to educate and upskill its members knowledge on the various aspects of lavender oil production.

Our Vision for the Future

The basic vision is that there should be a defined standard for New Zealand lavender oil that will be the basis of a sustainable industry.

Everyone will benefit from the knowledge that we gain as an Association, and of the skills involved in the successful production of lavender oil.